Class and treacherous weather

I kid you not EVYERYTHING was closed today. 3 counties wide, had closures. Schools, businesses, college campuses. Everything was closed. My school? 2 hour delay.

I couldn’t get out of town. The roads are that bad. It’s a 45 minute to an hour commute one way and a mountain to go over before you can even get to the interstate which is needed to get to school. There are no other routes that don’t take you an hour out of the way.

Today is my long day. I have class starting at 8 a.m. and my lab doesn’t end until 5 pm. Missing two lectures was hard enough, but lab? Ugh. It gets worse because the stomach flu just moved through our house (is it really even a “flu”?) and I missed my first chemistry lab on Tuesday. Tonight was the first biology lab. I was able to reschedule the chem lab for tomorrow at 8. The only opportunities to reschedule for bio is tomorrow at 8 or 1. I have an interview for a job at 2. I can’t miss the interview because it was also rescheduled when I got sick and I need the job to pay the babysitter so I can go to class. See the problem here?

I think I finally have it figured out. Barring the massive amounts of book notes I’ll be taking today, the prof of the chem lab said she’d provide me with data and I can do the calculations on my own and simply not come to lab that day “if you are comfortable doing titrations”. Well, yes, I’m awesome at titrations. My standard deviations last semester were within .001 margin of error. I think I can handle that. So now I wait on the biology professor of the make up bio lab to see if I can sit in on their lab tomorrow. No one has contacted me. I’m stressed to the gills. I dropped the kids off at the sitters anyway since I paid for them to be there and intended on studying (I can walk to her house from here). I’ve gotten ONE chem problem done. I’ve been on the phone ALL day with the campus trying to figure this out. That’s not very productive now is it?

This probably doesn’t even belong here. I couldn’t figure out an appropriate forum. But I seriously needed to vent with like minds that would understand my intense frustration today.

venting is appropriate anywhere. Just let it out.

O.k. it’s all taken care of. Except, I just emailed back to confirm and forgot to ask if this lab was in the same room as the original lab. Blah.

This is one of the hazards of being a non-trad in a traditional world and I honestly don’t know that there’s anything to do but exactly what you did - you made the make-up arrangements, you sucked it up, and you vented appropriately.

If you’re attending a college with only a small commuter contingent, they’re just not going to think about you when they consider weather delays and closings. It kinda stings when you’re trying so hard!

It doesn’t end there. Twice during med school I complained about student/class meetings that were arranged or rearranged at the last minute - there were MANY of us who lived more than 30 minutes away and it was a major inconvenience. I remember writing a snarky note on an evaluation that “contrary to the apparent belief of the deans, the entire student body of GWUMC does not live in the basement of Ross Hall.” Something tells me it didn’t get heard.

Like I said, you did the right thing and you got it squared away - good for you!


I guess I’m lucky in the university that I chose as it’s the “commuter” college for Oklahoma. There are alot of traditional students but it’s the 3rd largest university in the state and it’s got the largest population on non traditional students, so they take that into consideration when planning closings. I am sure that when med school comes around I won’t be so lucky!


Is there a place to pull that stat about the non-trads? Just curious, all the lit. I have been reading about the different med schools, I’ve never seen stats on non-trads only the usual. I.e., women, ethnics, etc…unless I have unknowingly missed it or something???

My school boasts of it…they have a whole “commuter” office set up for us. I notice it in the scheduling of classes when I compared it to the other 2 universities. I’m not including the private colleges in this comparison. I’m not sure if there are actual statistics. This is just what the admissions people at the school told me…it could all be untrue, but from my trips to the campuses it certainly looks to be true and in my comparisons of the schedules it definitely looks that they take the working person into mind at this school. Changed my mind into attending college here.


Lucky you! That’s awesome.

Oh and I officially was two places at one time. Still haven’t finished my chem calculations though. Not sure how to do them. LOL