class resumes :):)

Yeah, I’m back in class again so I finally have something to post. I get so stir-crazy over the holidays. No class, no volleyball, time away from work…most people enjoy time to “veg out” but I’m not normal–I have to always be doing something even on my down time.
I had my first math class last night, PreCalculus II, which includes Trig & Analytical Geometry. It’s the second half of the class I took in the fall although only 4 people from my old class signed up for this one. Most jumped straight to Calculus! Not me though. The teacher for this class is a lot more organized than my last teacher. The last one was goofy and funny but not a good teacher–he was very disorganized and didn’t take the class seriously b/c he wasn’t prepared most of the time. My current teacher is the opposite. Well, he’s the assistant dean of the math & science dept.
I’m glad to be back in the swing of things. I hope everyone else is happy with their classes this term too. Good luck everyone!

Glad you got a better teacher this time. It really isn’t fair to the students that pay so much money for these classes and get a crappy instructor. Good luck this semester.