Classes: how old is too old?

Hello all!
I was wondering how old your prereqs can be when applying to medical school. Is there a time limit? Is there a different time limit between your hard core science (physics, ochem, gchem, calculus, bio) compared to the english requirement?
Any help would be so appreciated! Thank you!

It depends on the school. I know that the University of Minnesota’s med school has no age limits on their prerequisites.

You’ll need to consider schools you might be interested in, and check with each of them - this varies a lot. And it does seem that the expectations may be different for the science prerequisites vs. general prereqs like English or calculus/other math.
There’s LOTS more to this story, though. Other things to consider: recent coursework, grades in those old prereqs, how well prepared you are to take the MCAT, etc. etc. Tell us more about your situation and why you’re asking the question, and you’ll definitely get more specific opinions!

Schools vary in what they accept. I do know about the English. I took 1 year of college English in my senior year at high school back in 1983- 1984. It has been accepted at every school I have applied to. Nothing was ever said about the age of my english.

Welcome and hello Lily! I would have to chime in with the others here and say that it is on a case-by-case basis with each school. I would say that even if there is no time limit on the particular schools you’re looking at…I think they’d like to see some sort of recent academic history, even if it’s taking non-required sciences. If you’ve been out of school a long time, and especially if you’ve been work in a non-health field, I think schools really want to see something recent to judge you by as a student. I would email the admissions depart. or director of each school you’re considering and run it by them. Good luck!

Hi everyone! Sorry for not checking earlier… finally got the taxes done! Phew~
Well, like Mary asked for, here is more info.
I entered college as a mechanical engineer major (still can’t figure out why ) but graduated in psychology.
These are the prereq classes I took and my grade.
GChem : 94,95,95 : B-,C+/LabA,B-
Calculus : 94, 95, 96 : A-,B,D
English : 95,95,97,97,97 : B-,B-,B-,A-,B
I’m starting a postbac this summer and the advisers have me set up like this.
Summer: Physics I and II with Labs
Fall: Ochem, Bio, another science class, non science class
Spring: Ochem, Bio, another science class, optional non science class
I asked about if it was a good idea to take gchem again and was told it was up to me. Then I asked would medschools not accept my previous gchem, cal, and english because it was almost 10 years ago. I was told that I fell in a gray area.
I don’t have any idea on which medical schools I will apply to so should I just send out a mass email to the admission boards? What should I include in the letter? (i.e., grades and dates?)
Hopefully this clears up the picture some. Thank you for reading!