I just wanted to know if it would be better to take the classes i got “C’s” in over? would it look bad on my transcript that i took the classes again? thanks.

This will vary by situation. DO schools will simply replace the grade. MD schools will not, and both grades will need to be reported when applying and both are factored into the GPA numbers. I think you will also want to consider what types of courses these were (science vs. non-science requireds vs. non-science electives).

If you do not believe you will get A’s in them, my advice would be to not repeat the courses for sure. My thought on this is it’s a lot of wasted $ for little benefit. What will be most important will be A’s in upper division coursework (science courses).

complete the prereqs so you can have them checked off, then KILL the MCAT as much as you possibly can. The rest will be history. Retaking classes to boost your GPA is probably very low yield in the bigger picture.

Thank you !!!