CLEP or not to CLEP...

In the debate series (CC, AP…) CLEP deserves a thread.

I’d like to hear from premed and med students who CLEPPED and their experience when it comes to med school application.

I am asking because I have a PhD in Biochemistry and I have to retake the pre-reqs. Obviously (with a little bit of work) I could CLEP out of Bio, GChem, Calculus, English and satisfy a good portion of the pre-reqs this way (about half or a third). Med School also require labs so I could complete my pre-req with labs in CC for BIO and Phys and take yearU for OChem (I am teaching Biology in a CC and have a full time faculty appointment in a Med School doing research).

The other issue is that CLEP is not part of the GPA and I don’t have a GPA currently (that’s why I have to retake the pre-reqs.)

Ultimately, the decision lies the admission committee of each school. But I’d like to hear from your experience and if you think that given my sitatuion CLEP could be a good idea.

Thanks for the input.

I will reply and start this off. People can Clep out of electives or other courses such as your Generals, e.g. Biology (No Lab). So as a premed student this one is out for us. I clepped 6 generals, and the rest electives. If you are interested taking some Online Pre-Med Classes WITH Lab, Ocean College is now offering this. Go here: _study/s…

Back to Clep.

Here are the classes I have CLEP’ed / Dantes(DSST)

SOC-GEN Beh/Soc Science (Gen Ed ) Med. hard

CIS-GEN Computer Science (Gen Ed) Easy

PSY-101 General Psychology (General) Med. Hard

SOC Principles of Sociology (General) Easy

SCI-NLC Natrl Sci Non-Lab Course (General Ed) Med. Hard

DANTES Environment/Humanity Easy

DANTES Substance Abuse Easy

BUS-101 Introduction to Business Easy

PHL-HUM Humanities: Philosophy Gen Ed (General Tough Test)

Good CLEP Forum


thanks a lot of this info. Now I am a bit confused. Given my situation I do not seek to obtain a bachelor, I just need to satisfy the requirements (at least in the state of TX). These are the following:

  • 14 Cr Hour Biol
  • 8 Cr Hours of Gchem
  • 8 Cr Hours of Ochem
  • 8 Cr Hours of Phys
  • 6 Cr Hours of English
  • 3 Cr Hours of Stats / Calculus

All science courses must have labs. Since I have a PhD in Biochem, it seems that some schools (not all of them), will accept a foreign credential evaluation toward the general education requirements but not against the requirements I have mentioned above.

Also note that I am a teacher in a CC and I teach Biology (lectures plus labs). How odd. Good enough to teach, but not to study. Anyhow, i wanted to CLEP english and calculus and take the rest. What do you think?


Because you’re so unique and because you’re also focused on staying in TX (right?) you seem like the perfect candidate to call or email each school in the area and ask for a meeting with the Dean of Admissions. If you wait until January, you’ll likely get these and you can have a phone call or face-to-face with someone who will answer your questions definitively. It might take a few emails and calls, but the schools will meet with you if you keep at it.


I will certainly do. Yes I’d like to stay in TX and even better if it was in Dallas, but the chances to get any of the two schools here to accept my application are low.

It seems that most school accept AP credits, but CLEP are not usually accepted, which I find weird. So I may go for AP (without taking the classes). Hopefully they will count for something. If not, they will be usable to apply to higher level course, more interesting and challenging. The though of going through introductory classes, with my level of expertise in Biochemistry, is unbearable.

I have a very similar situation and have decided that the best route is to embrace the fact that I am totally starting over. It is certainly not easy to accept. However, from experience talking to Deans of Admissions, I would definitely recommend taking the stance that you are willing and ready to start over completely if necessary. Don’t ask how to circumvent the system, ask what they recommend given your situation and tell them that you’re willing to start over but would like to make sure it’s necessary. It shows dedication and tenacity. If you talk to them wanting special treatment you’ll likely encounter the, “I can guarantee you’ll not need to worry about it” response.

I believe these can be Clepped

•6 Cr Hours of English

•3 Cr Hours of Stats / Calculus

I would also check on if you need statics or calc. Not all of the DO schools require that. If you are going MD that is another matter all together.

Why do you need 14 Credit hours of BIO?

Bio 1 and 2 should be no more than 10 with labs

Jeff, I totally agree with your post. I am not against going back to school (the time and the money lack though), but it is more that since I will pay and invest time, I may as well go to interesting classes. I see the AP and CLEP credits an opportunity to registered to more advanced courses. Now, could you please explain, I couldn’t get the following the statement:

  • jeffm Said:
If you talk to them wanting special treatment you'll likely encounter the, "I can guarantee you'll not need to worry about it" response.

  • thomasfx10 Said:

Why do you need 14 Credit hours of BIO?

Bio 1 and 2 should be no more than 10 with labs

Thomas, thanks for the input. I was thinking of CLEPING english and stats/calculus. Pretty much all the state schools of texas require it.

As far as BIO (that I actually teach!), it is 14 CR hours (12lec+2labs). Another requirement in Texas, don't ask me why.

Most of the schools in Texas require 90 Cr Hours of undergraduate courses (except perhaps UTSW who would consider 45 depending on the candidate). Outside of the requirements I have mentioned above for sciences and english, I believe outside of these requirements, CLEP can be useful as they are related to your particular interests and I think it would be fine (at least in my situation I hope). But for the core courses, better to take them in the classroom apparently.

I will do a survey in the state of TX and see what comes back.