Clinical contacts in the South


I am a Ross student, aged 44, looking for any leads on a SOUTHERN program that is open to supervising Ross students for clinical rotations (3rd and 4th year). Ross has many good affiliations, but most are in the great white north…so for any of you already in medical school, this is what I need: a director of medical education willing to sign a contract with Ross to supervise my clinical rotations. Since I also have family, I am looking for a site that I can do ALL cores and electives in ONE CITY. All I need are suggestions and the names of the current directors. I have taken programs from the FRIEDA list, though I know already that Arkansas will not take international medical students under any circumstances. However, if any of you know of any IMG friendly programs in Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama, Texas, Georgia or Florida, then let me know. I wouldn’t be adverse to Oklahoma or West Virginia either. They just need to be ACGME cores. Thanks!!


Hey Kathy Doesn’t Ross have Atlanta Sites? And I thought Florida? What happened?

I have a friend I can ask and see? I dunno though?


Nope, no Atlanta rotations, that was SCCM that did, and the only one in Florida is the “special” FP rotation through Larkin Community Hospital right after fifth semester for those who are eligible and want to take it…I wish there WERE more in Florida, but like most of the off shore schools, the locations are concentrated in the north and northeast, though Ross also has sites in California and I think Arizona. I’m not sure about why the south is so closed to offshore medical students in general.

Really I think its demographics of the students, most are from DC on north. The only southern States I see mostly are Fl and TX.