Clinical experience from another country. 9 years ago

Hi everyone,
My name is Tatiana. I was born and raised in Russia and started medical school there as well. I completed 4.5 years out of 6 of medical school in Russia when I decided to move to the US and study english here and start over pretty much. Past 9 years has been long and hard road that finally lead to US citizenship, associate degree in biology, BS in cell and molecular biology, happy and healthy 1 year old baby and many other important things. I applied last cycle, but did not get in anywhere. My mcat score was not that great : 505. I have strong GPA 3.86 cumulative. All my grades from russian med school are mostly As, but I couldn’t really use any of those classes, so I had to start from very beginning. I also worked as a nurse back in Russia and have a lot of clinical experience from there but most of it is older than 10 years at this point. In the US I worked as an EMT for few month before getting pregnant, and now I almost have my phlebotomy license so hopefully soon I can get more clinical experience from this country.
My question is whether all my experience from Russia will even count since it’s been long time ago?
Anyways, Thanks for any information or advice.