Clinical Experience: what counts, and how much is enough?

Hi there! I am a non-trad applicant, diagnosed with various autoimmune diseases while in grad school (for music!) and ultimately reshuffled my value system as a result, leading me to want to be a physician.

I’m worried that I don’t have sufficient clinical experience and am hoping to get some advice. I volunteered for 8 months (1 day per week, so 200+ hours) at a community health clinic in the USA, helping an MD run group medical visits. During the same period I shadowed a family medicine MD, an EM resident, a general surgery resident and an internal medicine resident (total 56 hours). I then had to move countries (visa/green card stuff) and began my DIY Post-Bac and started volunteering with a youth diabetes organisation, helping run kids camps and other events (150 hours+). I’m currently prepping for the MCAT and working as administrator for the Urology service at the hospital in the city where I live.

Any thoughts are gratefully received :slight_smile:

I answered this on the next episode (121 on 4/11/2018) of the OldPreMeds Podcast!