Clinical Rotations for IMGs

I am wondering about the feasibility of networking with OPM alums who are now physicians in order to obtain more clinical rotation sites for US citizen IMGs of schools such as Ross, SGU, and AUC (since they have federal funding and are recognized as “essentially equal to US medical schools”. These schools have varying amounts of clinical sites, but they all seem to share the same basic areas and hospitals, in Brooklyn, Chicago, and Kern Hospital in Bakersfield, to name a few. What I would like to see, are more sites in the south/southwestern US. I know that some of the above schools have elective rotations in a few locations (behavioral medicine in Louisiana for example) but no real selection of southern locations. The schools, to some extent, allow students to set up rotations with hospitals who are willing to sign a contract, but a program where the school’s students rotate on a regular basis is obviously more desirable. Because I have dealt with the UAMS system in Arkansas, I personally the possibility of setting up anything there to be impossible, but know that Louisiana has been more open to IMGs and I would like to see Texas, and perhaps Oklahoma and Mississippi open up. Any input would be appreciated.