Clinical toys

Well I have a new treo 680 to replace the 650 I had, I gotta tell you its SWEET! ( both Palm OS)

Epocrates ( with med Calculators)


JH ABX guide

Taber’s Encyclopedia

Numerous other things

Best of all most of this is free stuff

I have found the answers many times during clinic so I’m glad to have the 680 its better then the 650!

Oh its a phone and camera too. LOL

I’ve been using a Palm for years. My T3 currently has the OED, Stedman’s, and Netter’s flashcards. I will probably get Taber’s and the Epocrates stuff in about a year. I just hope Palm is still in business when my clinicals begin. They’re doing poorly right now–haven’t been innovative enough.

But maybe the iPhone will get all this software, and I’ll get one for an upcoming birthday. Sweet.

Sprint has the new Centro Palm phone, You will find that over 50% of Doctors out there have Palms.

On the Phones its way better then Windows mobile for now. My 680 is a 2year old product and still going the 650 was older and is no longer in production.

Epocrates is a must have for every Doc and Med student out there, You can look up Drugs in a Sec and it can be updated daily with latest Drugs, doses adults/kids/pharm/interac tions even how much they cost! plus medical calculators. ALL FOR FREE!

Links to free!!!

these two alone are worth the palm!

I have lots of other free stuff but these are the main ones epocrates up to date drug guide and merk plus harrison for pda free!

I have a Treo 755P-- at Buffalo, we were also required to buy a Palm product. I really need to disagree that it’s superior to Windows Mobile-- the User Interface is just hideous and there are so many pages that won’t load onto the Treo, or load in an absolutely unrecognizable, unusable fashion. I got a lot better surfing performance from my old Motorola Q. Palm OS is ANCIENT.

Matt, I had Windows Mobile 5 and I was limited by several problems I had like I did not pay for Internet on the Phone, True you can multitask with a Windows phone but it slows down a lot. Plus my phone crashed a lot with windows mobile.

What pages are you having trouble with? Are you using Docs to go? If so I think there is an upgrade.

I have used Palm PDF in the Past it was free by Adobe and you can convert the pages with a free windows program. Its hard for me tread a page not formatted for the palm though, these free guides are formatted for the palm as is most of the ISLO out there.

Sorry you are having problems.

I too wish Palm would update the OS.

Personally, I found all of those handhelds as useless as…well, I can’t say that in mized company…but they were of minimal assistance. Good old paper & pencil was far quicker & more efficient. Sure, the “toys” may look cool, but you can do very well w/o them.

Now, I will concede that I cannot image getting thru med school w/o a good laptop…and a good desktop for the icing on the cake. However, you can truly do just fine w/o the handhelds & their assoc expenses.

I have a TH-55 that I love, though I primarily use it for my Epocrates. It makes it a lot easier than carrying a pharm book in my pocket. I also have a few games that I will take a minute to play every now and then. I also use the calendar, not to run my personal calendar, but to see which day is when (you do a lot more secretarial work as a resident than you evey thought you would).