Come on - doesn't anyone have a guess?

Hey y’all. I posted a “guess who I met?” picture on my diary and nobody has guessed who it is yet (or tried). Humor me! I’m very excited. smile.gif
Here’s the link:

The woman on the far right looks like Anne McCaffrey (flying in from Ireland?) but I don't recognize the other. Too cool!!
Susan - Chicago/Minneapolis

I agree with SPN. I belive that is Ann McCaffrey on the far right. unsure.gif

The other- hmm, Jody Lyn Nye?

You guys are so smart! Yes, it is Anne McCaffrey!!! The other woman is Elizabeth Moon. smile.gif Woohoo!
Pam (I know, I’m such a geek!)

oh my - I think I read all of Elizabeth Moon's works when I when I was on an out-of-town assignment in Sacramento - some interesting ideas - she looked familiar to me when I saw the picture - must have been from a hardback book cover or something.
Hope you had fun!