Come Say Hello!

To get this forum started, create a new topic under “General Premed Forum.” I’ll be giving away some prizes to some randomly selected posters.

Really excited for this and all the great collaboration that will happen here!

Hi everyone,

Gonna start off and be honest, I wasn’t completely aware there was a forum on the website. Always heard mention of the FB group page and just defaulted my thinking to that when listening to the podcast. Excited to have this type of format, because I believe it is much easier to find a previously covered topic. Also my name is Tyler Gore if anyone ever needs to find me on the FB group.

I’m a non trad student, and have been listening to the podcast since the beginning of the year and have branched out to the other podcasts and have gained so much amazing information! I look forward to collaborating even more with everyone here, I enjoy sharing all the information I find in this crazy pursuit of med school and becoming a physicia. I believe that I have so many more amazing opportunities because of the information I find here!

Thanks everybody!

Hey, I’m Magnus and I am an engineering student in Colorado. I have had a passion for medicine and helping people since I was a young child. I am glad to be a part of this collaborative process and helping out fellow students. As Dr. Gray mentions, Collaboration, not competition!

Hey everyone! I’m Ivonne from San Diego. Currently a non trad working on gaining more volunteer/clinical hours as well as taking my MCATs in May. Everyone I’ve met on the Facebook group and the forums have been wonderfully supportive and I don’t think I would be pursuing my dream right now if it wasn’t for hearing everyone else’s stories of triumph. I have always heard how cut throat being a premed was and did not think I would make it. I am glad to see that is not the case. Good luck to all that are on this crazy (and sometimes very masochistic) path to becoming a physician!

Hi everyone! I’m Erica, just stopping in to say hello. I like the idea of a forum because it will narrow down the searching I was doing in the Hangout group (it took me awhile to even realize there was a “search” button in Hangouts). So I’m optimistic this will be more efficient for searching and collaborating! Cheers!

hi everyone, i was on oldpremed before and wow, what a change! its great to see this merger!!

Hello everyone,

Firs of all, thank you Dr. Gray for creating this. My name is Sara, and I live in Los Angeles! Let me know if you are from the same area and we can work / study together.

Hello everyone!

I’m Matthew, an Oregon native with a love of medicine that rivals only my love to Star Wars and my wife.
I have been listening to Dr. Gray for four years and I am a member of the facebook group as well. I am ecstatic to have a premed forum different from good ol’ SDN!