coming out of the shadows

hello all,

i have been lurking on this site for a while now…reading and learning as much as i can about this process as a pre-med

my journey…well it has been one heck of journey

i have made detours through wrong majors, took some time off, went back to school, did ugrad, got moved to the east coast with the hubby, moved back, did one smp missed the gpa cutoff by one lousy question, forced to relook at things again, took classes as an at large graduate student, reapplied while taking a first responder class, also applied to some NP programs in the area as i was told that i would be black listed here for all intents and purposes since i had already failed to succeed at one smp. applied to another smp at midwestern, got waitlisted and somehow got in. have spent the last two years there and absolutely love it. graudated right before memorial day and will be defending the beast known as my thesis next month :). interviewed at CCOM…got placed on the waitlist. so i sit in limbo waiting for my phone to ring patiently…or not so patiently

i am 35 and live in suburban chicago for all intents and purposes. my husband and i own our home, he has a wonderful job and we are blessed with 3 gorgeously wonderful kids (aged soon to be 11 yrs, 7 yrs and and almost 4 yr old)…2 furry dog companions and a relatively quiet neighborhood

i look forward to getting to know all of you more

Everyone I know that says Suburban Chicago for all intents and purposes means NW Indiana. (It’s where I live at the moment as well, although we just sold our house, so we’re moving).

I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you @ CCOM, and welcome to the site. I’m new here as well, but already overwhelmed at all that is available here.

Yes, good luck Becky!

Thanks for sharing and best of luck!!


Good luck with the defense and CCOM! Keep us posted.

I have two furry dog companions too : )

Cary! Hey, I’m right up the road in Barrington Hills. I can relate. I also have 3 awesome kids (11, 8, 5), multiple pets (dog, 2 cats, a couple ponys), and most important a supportive spouse.

Good luck w/ CCOM! Sounds like you’ve worked through it pretty well so far. I took the MCAT last week and I think this will be the longest month of my life.