Common Finding?

So, I’ve gone to the U of MN Go Gophers!!, talked to the health care career center, bought my books for spring semester (never too early to start familiarizing myself with the materials… again!)…

The kind lady at HCC gave me the stats sheet. The oldest matriculant was 33! They’ve never had a student older than 33 start their program.

Is this common to see some schools with their oldest student still in early 30s?

I think the real question you should be asking is, does it matter or do you care?

A dream or a passion has no limitations, knows no bounds, and survives all adversity because thats what it is…a dream in need of pursuit.

And yes, I came up with that all on my own!

Because the U of MN is my first choice, yes it matters.

That said, I will have a Plan B, C , D, to “x” for schools so I don’t limit my options and expectations to just U of MN.

I am NOT giving up

Just wondered if this was common amongst top tier schools, that’s all. Kind of level setting my expectations.

Edit: btw, I did buy the book for 1011… oh my gosh! I’m feeling better already Thank you for the insight!!!

I wouldn’t let that steer you away from pursuing it. Just because that particular program hasn’t in the past, doesn’t mean they will not in the future. Let that motivate you to knock it out the park. There are folks on here who got started after 33. Don’t let your age deter you.

I’m lucky enough to at least have a few other post-baccs in each of my classes. It DOES feel strange some days to be surrounded by young undergrads, but you get used to it. There’s still a bit of culture shock for me at the start of each semester when I look around at my fellow students, but I’ve learned to stop apologizing and appreciate this opportunity for the incredible gift that it is. Besides, just being on the path is so very cool. You’re living the dream, right?

Try not to worry about it. You’re adding to campus diversity and making it a richer experience for everyone (ha ha). Your professors may be glad that you’re there, too. Seriously.

Oooh a fellow Twin Cities OPM on here! Yay! I’m from St.Paul and will be starting the ‘road’ at Hamline University(St.Paul) next Fall. I hope you have a great time at the U of M!


On my way to being the crazy old cat lady down the road…am the lady, got 4 cats, and hey I’m 34 and just starting my pre-med track so got the crazy!

I’ll be the ole dog lady over east!

I’m confused. Do you mean the HCC program has never had someone over age 33? Or that the med school hasn’t admitted anyone over age 33? If the med school, we know that’s not true - they admit applicants who are well over age 33.



I must agree 30 is way too old. Might as well go ahead and retire. I was 34 when I started medical school…completed an internal medicine residency, written 2 books (mudpiles quick medical reference, and Med Facs) and now love my life as a radiology resident. You know…on second thought…maybe mid 30 or 40 isn’t too old :slight_smile:

Dr Walker

I thought I was precise and concise but apparently not…

The University of Minnesota has NEVER admitted someone over the age of 33.

That information was gleaned from a statistics sheet the U of Minnesota Health Careers Center (HCC) gave me last week.

My question was whether or not this was common at many other schools, or a quirk of the U of MN.

Obviously, many other schools do accept students older than 33 or this website would not have a purpose or function :slight_smile:

  • mudpiles Said:
I ... completed an internal medicine residency, written 2 books ... and now love my life as a radiology resident.

Dr Walker

Congrats, Mudpiles!

Well, I just don’t know what good it does to worry too much about what the University of Minnesota has done in the past. I will admit that if you are well over 33, and they’ve not admitted anyone over 33, then maybe your chance of getting an interview is lower than you’d otherwise expect.

On the other hand, unbeknownst to you they could be having internal discussions about how they can make themselves more attractive to “older” non-trad students.

Bottom line: you never know until you try. With the exception of those who apply Early Decision to one school (and that’s not very many aspiring med students), people should ALWAYS apply to the broadest field of schools that is practical for them. Even if you had data showing that U. of MN accepted a 60-year-old, you’d still be well-advised to have a long list of schools to which you apply.

I don’t see any reason to discount information provided by the school itself, so I think it’s reasonable to take this factoid at face value. My point is, so what? So they haven’t previously admitted someone >33 y/o. Give them an opportunity to change that statistic. Consider that prior to admitting the 33 y/o they had previously not accepted anyone older than (33-x). There’s always the opportunity to change things.


Thank you for responding.

I know this is what I need to do, it’s what I’ve needed and wanted to do since I was five.

On Dec 5th, I take my first step.

I can hardly wait!!

Thank you again for your response(s).