community college vs 4 year

I read a post from someone who was admitted to med school and did take pre recs at a community college. I’ve heard that med schools favor 4 year college courses, esp if you’ve completed a degree already from a 4 year institution.

My issue is…I’ve looked at the 4 year colleges and the main community college here in my area. It looks like the 4 year univ courses are scheduled either right in the middle of the day or at times where I cannot attend due to my work hours. I noticed that the community college has both the organic and physics classes at night at 6:30 pm and that is a great time for me. Should I try to enroll for the class at the community college or just forgo some pay and enroll at the 4 year college?

There have been some long, drawn out threads about the plusses and minuses of CCs vs. 4 years. You might be well served to do a search through old posts in this forum.

In summary, though, the consensus is generally that if you can take your pre-reqs at a 4 year, you should. Although you can indeed get an equal, and in some cases, better education at CC’s, most med schools seem to have at least a little bit of a bias against them. That’s not to say that you won’t get accepted to medical school if you go to a CC, but it might limit your options (some schools won’t accept CC credits) and make you less competitive. Only you can decide what level of risk you feel comfortable with in where you elect to take the pre-reqs.

That’s what I thought. Thanks for replying.