Community Colleges and Undergrad Question

So, I have been doing some browsing here and I have noticed some people are concerned that community college credits are frowned upon. I am doing a transfer program here in North Carolina at a Community College and they seem to have an agreement that they will transfer all credits in my Associates in Science. Upon completion of my A.S. I am guaranteed to transfer as a Junior to a university in the state system (If your GPA is low, it could be any school they see fit) My GPA is fine and I have a set university in mind. So, I may be rejected for taking my Gen Ed courses at a community college? This sets up my next question…

Does my undergrad major matter to medical schools? I have done a little research and it seems to be mixed reviews. Some say that going for Biology or Microbiology, and other related sciences give you an edge. Where I also read that most Med Schools are looking diversity when accepting students and take BA’s. Could I get some insight from the community?

You can use the Medical School Admission Requirements (MSAR) to find out which medical schools accept community college courses. Here’s a link:



Thank you, Liza.

Major doesn’t really matter according to the admissions people at my school. My class is definitely heavy on the sciences, but we also have engineering, english, arts, etc. Do what you’re interested in because chances are you’ll never study it again (unless it’s basic sciences). Plus, you’re more likely to do well is a major that you enjoy studying.

I have a BS in aero engineering, so 95% of stuff in med school has thus far been very new and foreign to me. Some people that majored/worked in specific areas have a leg up in some of the coursework, but in general school is a pretty good equalizer. It’s more about how well/efficiently you study versus what you learned in the past.

Thanks, Kenny. I appreciate the response. I would love to major in something science related to help the transition, but it concerns me that if I fail, I am working towards a degree that may be useless to my career.