Complete contrast

wink.gif I thought I´d report to the forum that things are going much better in the inpatient, since you guys listened with empathetic ears in my last post.
This time, whenever I have a new finding, instead of being accused of being arrogant or my concerns dismissed, the attendings and nurses alike take these observations as an opportunity to teach. The other day, in the nursery, I was asked to check a baby that had already been seen by someone. I examined the baby and thought that she had dextrocardia w/ situs inversus. I consulted with the atending, she checked the baby, ordered studies, and the dextrocardia was confirmed. Not only did we diagnose the baby, but in addition I learned a lot about the condition. What an enormous difference from last month! If only big egos didn't get in the way of medicine...

I'm glad this rotation is going so much better for you - that last one sounded like a real challenge.
Keep plugging away!