confused about AMCAS

I already registered with AMCAS. I then took additional science classes in a post-bacc program. I’d like these additional classes to be counted as part of my GPA (science and cumulative), so do I just send my new transcripts to AMCAS?
Or does AMCAS NOT accept additional transcripts once you’ve already registered with them? I did very well in my additional classes and hope AMCAS will re-calcullate my GPA to include them.
On AMCAS’s website it says to send transcripts to the Med Schools directly if you take additional classes after your registration, but that worries me since the Medical Schools will not see my new and higher GPA. Has anyone had a similar experience?

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If you want your spring grades to be included in your AMCAS gpa, then don’t have the transcript sent until the spring grades are recorded. You cannot update any information on your AMCAS application except contact information. Alternatively, if you don’t want your spring grades recorded, have the transcripts sent prior.

Just wondering–what application cycle are you asking about? Are you applying to start med school in 2004 or 2005? I thought it was too early to apply for 2005. For some reason I thought that applications started up in early summer.

AMCAS for the entering class of 2005 is not up yet.