Confused about Biology Prereq

Hello everyone, I am confused about the Biology prerequisite to appy to Medical School. When I looked at the topics for the MCAT, they are different than those covered in General College Biology. My question is: Should I take Human Anatomy & Physiology instead of General Biology, or is Biology a prereq for it? I also noticed I need a lab with Biology. Is this fulfilled with Human Anat.?

I would appreciate any input. I just have the Biology and Organic prereqs to fulfill, as my degree is in Mechanical Engineering.

You can take the Human Anatomy class as long as it is listed as a Biology course…such as Biology 330 or something like that. You must have 8 credits of Biology WITH Labs…So make sure the Anatomy course has a lab with it. You can take any course you want…such as Cell Biology, Virology, Animal parasitology, etc as long as it is listed as a BIOLOGY course at the school you are taking them at.

I think you’d be better off if you take a general biology class. MCAT tests more general concepts than human anatomy/ physiology ones. At least general biology would be better for preparing you for MCAT and other sciences in med school. If you can take both, then take the a/p class too - nothing can prepare you for how intense the anatomy is in med school, but it won’t hurt either :).

Is there a pre-med advisor in your school? He/She could be able to tell you which class in your school is the best one to fulfill the pre-med requirements and to prepare you for the MCAT and med school.

I agree with Madkasia, the schools I have talked to want to see a year of general bio with a lab. In addition, they felt that a second course of cell biology or microbiology would be far more helpful than A and P. Hope that helps!

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I was confused too. What I did was the following:

made an Excel sheet of 8 preferred medical school admissions requirements (not every school is the same, mind you).

Down the side I put the specific classes required, or in the U of MN case, the course type required. Across the top in each column, I named the med schools. Then I simply checked each course/school intersection to see what I need to take for coverage.

If you’re only applying to one school, this won’t help you but in my case, I will apply to several.

Then I read what upper-level course work was required and added those.

As it turns out, I’ll be taking general bio to take upper level genetics, microbiology, and cell biology. Those additional courses will cover the pre-reqs AND give me added knowledge for the MCAT.

Not sure if that will help you - if you’d like to use my template, send me a PM with your email addy and I’ll supply.


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No, both these posters are fucking morons. It looks MUCH better to take courses other than General Biology. Especially since you are only taking the minimal courses to get into medical school and not getting a degree in Biology. Presenting admissions with only 8 credit in general biology is weak.

By the way, I am a 3rd year Med Student at UPenn. You are better off listening to me than these community college morons.

I think that for a third year you're exceptionally rude and ignorant, and definitely should mind your language on this forum!

As far as I know in most of the colleges to be able to take A&P class, a person has to take a general biology as a prerequisite, so we are back where we started!

I think general biology/ (in some schools known as cell biology) will fulfill your pre-med requirements + it will give you a good and necessary foundation for other upper level biology classes if you choose to take them.

I’ve been following OnceUponATime’s posts pretty closely and seems like his posts are either to argue with, demean, or curse other posters - I guess we have some people here who are from SDN.

In all the time I have spent on this forum he is the first member I have come across to be so rude and foul mouthed. I guess the location under his profile says it all.

I hope the webmasters take note and set things straight.

PS: I thought in one of his posts where he was cussing out another member he said he was a lawyer but I guess he is now an M3. Hopefully all the students won’t be like that when I get there.

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Just out of curiosity, how old are you?

Could the moderators not do something about this person? Others should not be subjected to his attitude and demeanor…