Confused about Majors

I know there have been posts that touched on this before but I met with my admission’s counselor this past friday and I am just so confused.

First off, I was pretty slow in telling him that I am med school bound because, well…I don’t rightly know. Anyway, he finally said that since I needed to take at least 32 additional science credits in order to cover the minimum pre-reqs for any medical school, why didn’t I major in Biology instead of the Sociology I was going for. He said that with the latter, not only would I have to double or triple my science courses each semester but also make sure I take the gen ed and core classes as well. With the Biology, he reasoned that while I would probably still have to ‘double up’, that would be the only thing I’d have to worry about (along with gen ed). He also suggested that I take gen chem and physics together… O_O

I’m sorry to be a pest; I’m just so ignorant to all of this. I know the answer has usually been to major in whatever you like but is what he says true? Also, this particular college has a weird fall schedule and they only have late afternoon/evening courses for chem and bio, which I can’t do. His suggestion was that I either take the physics there or do another semester at the community college in chem and bio and then transfer to the 4 year in spring 2014. Will I screw myself taking gen chem and bio at my community college and mess up my chances with the ADCOMS?

I should probably be honest and include that I have been going to this 2 year college (off and on) for like 4 years But that’s because I wouldn’t accept the fact that I wanted to be an M.D. I was taking classes here and there in no order.

Honestly, I don’t think it’s wise in this economy to major in “soft” subject areas like sociology UNLESS you pair that with something “hard” like Biology. And I like to think of this as shoring up your plan B.

In my experience, press at a CC will not be a problem as long as you pair that with upper division courses at a 4 year University.

So depending on what you decide to do, it won’t be that hard to be on a focused academic path since you typically take classes for science majors in a specific order.

Rule 1: Take breath

Even as someone with an advanced degree in sociology, I mostly agree with pathdr2b on this. If you have a specific career path or a job now that will assisted by sociology, then it maybe ok.

Your advisor was suggestion was for the logistics of getting all your courses in. Most schools have a priority and order of which students can register for what classes. So a student majori9ng in biology will have first priority at courses for the major where as the sociology will get last priority. With limited course offerings this is a reality to consider.

As for CC, it is one of many factors that adcoms will consider. Generally, CC will make you less competitive. However, and before you panic, if you are going on to a 4 year degree and it is the introductory (freshman) bio and chem, the impact will be very very minor if any.

I will also suggest that doing well is much more important than where you take the classes. Having logistics that fit your life (schedule, finances, etc) is a factor that helps student do well (and a factor that many students overlook).

On the other side of this discussion, is if you do major in Bio, you will have a more intensive course load than sociology.

Oh, also let me point out while there is data that shows acceptance rates vary greatly by major, it is very misleading. Across all categories of majors, the GPA and MCAT scores are very consistent: sGPA 3.6, cGPA 3.7, MCAT 29.5-31.5. So doing well matters not your course of study

So to sum, while to adcoms it does not matter what you major in, in this current academic environment of limited school budgets and reduced course offerings, your major may greatly affect your ability to get all the required classes in a timely matter

Ahh, I see. Thank you Gonnif and Path for breaking it down that way. I have another way to view this now.