Confused with Life

I’m a 20 something URM who currently has a 3.54c and 3.34s gpa. Everyday I think about my GPA and I become extremely depressed because I always feel inadequate. I have a bunch of ECs and research yet I feel like I’ll never get into medical school. I have one more year of undergrad but I’m completely clueless as to what I should do next- any advice?

Start prepping for the MCAT, crush it, and apply broadly. 3.5/3.3 isn’t terrible, especially if you have an otherwise strong package to go along with it.

Hello and welcome to the forums. GPA is only 1 aspect of an application. It sounds like you have a lot of other areas that ADCOMS care about going for you. Stay focused, continue to study hard, and do the best you can. Grades matter, but so does a strong work ethic and perseverance. Good luck to you on your journey!