Congrats and questions.

I would love to hear about Joe’s story,

because this year at the conference, I kept hearing about Joe but did not see this person.

Joe’s blog is interesting.

I would love to know your pre-med year spent

between San Francisco State and work to support

yourself in the expensive Bay Area.

I used to work there in UCSF and Stanford, however,I moved away, because I found no nearby

school I can have advanced biology classes except

cross the bridge to Berkeley.

Whenever I thought of striving for As with top Berkeley young students, that scared me so…

I kept circling and circling.

Did you do the advanced or prereq?

Sorry this message is so long, but I need to know

a real case scenario that I can have more faith!

I guess your background in HIV prevention for 10 years really really make you an interesting applicant.

The whole thing tires me because at getting As in grade, at the same time, you have to kind of design your strategy to look good.

I did medical interpretation just because I sensed

the need of Chinese people who can’t express themselves to the clinical doctor.

I did not even think it could be written into my assay.

I am now in New Jersey area, and wonder if I can write my medical interpreter --a three year on call experience into my portfolio, I did it 1999-2002, it is not CURRENT!

Take heart! Your experience back in 2002 is perfectly current, and I was asked in med school interviews about lots of things in my record from that period and even earlier.

When people talk about “current” and “outdated”, they are referring to premed classwork, not job experiences or volunteering experiences or other classwork.