CONGRATS to Geoff Aumaugher

Geoff was awarded his B.B.A. on Friday, another step in the journey towards doctor! It has not been easy, balancing school, work, kids, life - way to go, Geoff! I owe ya a beer when I see you later this week

Congrats Geoff.

So how’s it feel to have that degree? Isn’t it great! Congratulations on getting through some tough times and good luck in your future medical career (which I know you will accomplish!).
See ya’ Thursday!!

Hey thanks guys!! I really appreciate it. I’ve been on vacation this past week reroofing two cabins. I took a break to attend graduation on Friday and was back to roofing on Saturday. Let me tell you, I NEVER want to do roofing for a living! UGH! Those folks have my respect.
Anyway, thanks again! We’ll see you all in a few days.

Congratulations, Geoff! That’s wonderful news. Keep it up!