Congrats to Kathy!

I waited long enough to see her post so I’m going to let you all know!
Kathy successfully transfered to ROSS and will be in 5th semester there! She can now get Federal student loans that she needs and finish medschool!
Congrats Kathy you will make a great MD!


That’s great. I recently read about her troubles. Glad it worked out.

Kathy, I am so happy for you!!! So, are you back in the states now or are you off to Ross? Please keep us posted!!

YAYYYY! Go, Kathy!!!

Way cool!! :slight_smile:


accepted into Ross University School of Medicine’s 5th semester in Miami

From Her Email to me. I’m going to try to call her but…she’s probaly on the road trying to get a place and such! Probably on “cloud 9” right now I was when I got 3 A’s and a B in MD1 so I understand.



Great news! Congratulations Kathy!

Yep, tho I was remiss in not emailing earlier (SO busy trying to get everything done in a little over a week) but am sitting in Miami as we speak, in Starbucks, as a matter of fact. We start registration/orientation tomorrow and have a schedule for ALS certification. I will get to opt out of BLS, unless they want me to renew now. Still looking for a place to stay. Miami is a sprawling city and the Spanish is spoken faster than in Dallas, tho I successfully ordered my lunch in Spanish (Un frijoles negros y plantains por favor…) So, the family is still in Arkansas staying with my sister. I’ll be here 12 weeks and as a transfer, will need to take Ross’ UMBR exam in order to be sponsored for Step 1. I will have to register for the Aug-Oct block for Step 1, so it has all come much faster than I realized. There are times when I still have trouble believing I am here (or should be, for that matter), but its great. Nothing academic today tho, spent it looking for something COOLER to wear in the 90+ degree weather, as all I have are my UK clothes…all black, long sleeves, etc. WHEW!! I’m a pretty happy camper right now!!

Congratulations Kathy!!! That’s GREAT!!!

Kathy, I don’t know how I missed this!! Congratulations!!

I, too, missed your exciting news! Way to go!!! I wish you all the best as the next few weeks and months unfold.