Congratulations to SameNewMe who walked across the stage (I know, I’ve seen the video and she really did it) and received her M.D. yesterday! Very exciting!


Huge congrats to Denise! Woohoo!


Congrats!! Enjoy the ride of internship :slight_smile:


Yay!! Stupid Ohio State and their quarter system means I don’t get mine until June 3. I’m jealous.

Wow! Thanks. I was so busy celebrating that I didn’t scroll this far down the forum. Emergency, June 3 is coming very fast. Enjoy every moment. It feels amazing.

Hey, congrats both to SNM and Emergency!

Does your school have a post-bacc program?

Ohio State’s post-bacc program isn’t a traditional post-bacc program. In order to apply for it, you need to have already taken the pre-reqs and the MCAT. It’s geared towards URMs and economically disadvantaged students.

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