Contacting your references?

I was wondering if anyone knows the answer to this one: In the worksheet for filling out the post secondary experiences it asks for contact email addresses, telephone numbers, etc. However, when filling out the applicaiton on the website it just asks for name and title. Does Amcas actually contact your references? Do the Schools contact them at all? If so, when do they do that (before or after secondaries or interview)? I can’t imagine they are going to go to teh trouble of looking up each reference and finding their contact info. Anyone know? Thank you!

This is completely speculation on my part, but I would think that AMCAS is not in the business of contacting references. However, everything you put on your AMCAS application is sent to each school to which you’re applying, and it is possible that an individual school would have the interest and staffpower to follow up on references for some reason. Does it happen? I don’t know. Obviously you need to put in a reasonable amount of effort to ensure that you’re putting down accurate contact information whether it’s detailed (name, title, phone #) or relatively generic (company, city).
It’s been said before - look at this application as if it were a rather weird resume. Just as you don’t know what prospective employers do with all the information on a resume (some WILL check some things, anyway), you don’t know what schools do with all that information.
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