Controvesial publications?

So Ive written some fairly “controversial” content that illustrates the differences between “Science based medicine” and “Evidence based medicine” Ive also written content about why psychology is not a science and a couple of other things. I am proud of these accomplishments but I fear admission committees will think “oh this guy is going to have a problem here”… on the other hand, assuming they are not too offended to look at what I have said objectively I think they may walk away from it thinking “this person can think critically and has the gusto to stand up against the grain” my observation is the medicine is PATHOLOGICALLY high in conformity and that these things will hurt my application.

Anyone care to offer insight/?

Hey MrAnderson451,

I think it all depends on how you talk about your experiences in your application and in the interview. If you get to the interview and start talking down about other areas but then talk very highly of medicine, it may look poorly for you as an applicant. The whole point of the interview, as Ryan Gray describes it, is for the medical schools to get to know you and for you to show as much of yourself at the interview as you can. In my opinion, part of becoming a doctor is having an open mind to knew possibilities and new insights at any point in time. I hope this helps