Cool Flashcards Web sites (and app)

Not everyone learns in the same way, of course, but I find flashcards to be a helpful tool in learning new information, equations, etc. But it’s annoying to carry around stacks of 3x5 cards. I’m always losing them, dropping them, etc.

Last week, though, I found an alternative solution – online flashcards. And if you have an iPhone or iPad, you can import them to use on your Apple device (if you buy an app called Flashcards++, which I think cost me $3.99, and I feel was money well spent).

Basically, you go on one of two Web sites ( Quizlet or FlashcardExchange ) and type in terms and definitions to make your own flashcards. Or you can search through literally thousands of flashcards that other people have made – everything from biology to Russian to art history. It’s pretty cool.

The online stuff is free, unless you want to use images in your flashcards, then you have to pay an extra fee (I think it’s $20 on FlashcardExchange or $10 a year on Quizlet). I paid the $10 on Quizlet, and have made some fantastic flashcards for the stages of mitosis, molecular bonding, etc. using images I found online (Google image search).

If anyone wants to see the flashcards I’ve made, my user name on Quizlet is menhenne. Or here’s a link to my user page: My Quizlet cards

I plan to make flashcards as the semester goes along, both to help me study for my classes and then also to have a bank of questions for when I eventually need to study for the MCAT.

If anyone wants to know more, feel free to contact me. I know this is nerdy, but I actually find making these flashcards kinda fun!

Oh, please-- EMBRACE that inner nerd… these are fantastic! Thank you for sharing…

I will definitely be using this over the weekend.

Thanks for this recommendation!



I use Kaka Flashcards for android (free). It can pull your flashcards from either or

One thing I like about kaka flashcards over some other programs is that it puts flashcards into bins as you review them. If you miss it, it keeps it in bin 1. If you get it right it puts it into bin 2… miss a bin 2 flashcard and it gets thrown back into bin 1. Bin 1 flashcards show up more than the other bins so you see things you don’t know more frequently.

Been using it for MCAT studying and like it. Love always having my flashcards with me.

Great ideas on the flashcards! Thanks, Lorien and Kevin!

So I used Quizlet to index through the 1st chapter of my bio-- I just did it as I was reading. I didn’t realize that once the cards are done, you have about 5 different ways to test your knowledge. So you aren’t just flipping through index cards as you would be doing with the ‘real deal.’ Instead, it asks your questions in about every way they can be asked…thus ensuring that you really learn the information. Very, very, very cool!

**I also love that I can use this on my android phone. I’ve never felt like my phone was truly a ‘smart’ phone… but now I can’t argue. It knows biology and chemistry! Thanks again!

You’re very welcome! I’m finding it quite helpful as well, and just hope I can keep up with the flashcards as the semester goes on! Hooray for the Internet.