Coping with stress

I need some help with stress. One of my flaws is that I always think things are fine and then they aren't. Another is that it makes me very uncomfortable when people worry about me or try to take care of me – I much prefer being the person who helps other people.
Things seem to be going ok now. Not as happy with my last exam grade, work is pretty stressful though and I am looking for a new place to live. Generally I feel ok but this week I had one killer migraine and my guess it was from stress.
The good news is that I am starting to be able to exercise more now that my knee is healing and that's always been my stress release.
I guess the other good news is that I am actually posting this here so maybe I am getting better at admitting things aren't always great.
Maybe that's all I needed.
Thanks for listening.

Hey Calvin,
Hang tough man. I can relate to not liking to be taken care of but if you can get it try and enjoy it. Exercise almost always helps me so I am glad to hear you are able to do more of it. Also, you mentioned posting here which is always a great thing. Whenever I read the posts I get a boost because it seems no matter how bad I am doing, there are folks who have it harder but who are also still succeeding. It gives me perspective and hope. I hope things keep getting better for you! Later.

Hey Woman!
I am going to agree with Damon on this one. There is nothing like getting into the gym and pumping iron to empower yourself and relieve stress. After a workout of lifting, I even walk with a swagger! Just being around all that iron makes me feel like I can conquer the world. Even if you take ten minutes and walk briskly around the block with your favorite tunes on the headset, you can relief some major stress. I find Peter Tosh the most stress relief at this point but Nelly and Eminem are coming in a close second.
Cherry Blossoms will be out next week. Get down to the Mall (after 10pm is wonderful) and just enjoy those little pink blooms! Oh, how I miss getting to the Mall during this time of year. Go over to Haines Point, park your car and walk down to the Awakening sculpture. Walk down close to the river!! Even better, bike totally around the golf course. It is so beautiful down there right now.

Natalie, going through Washington, DC withdrawal. smile.gif

Thank you!
Yeah, I think I was just a little low because the one class I am taking (as soon as I quit my job I can do more) has been getting me. A number of students have told me they also had the problem I am having – study hard, get Bs. So frustrating!
The cherry blossoms are wonderful. Can't wait to get out to see them – and smell them! Yay!

Yeah, enjoy the cherry blossoms in-between the SNOWFLAKES!!! laugh.gif
Hang tough, woman. Sometimes you gotta slog through some deep quagmires, but you come out on the other ends, you’re going to be that much tougher and more capable for it.
In the meantime, don’t forget to take time to decompress. A quick bike ride followed by a long, hot shower…painting your toenails fuschia…heading to XandO for a steamy decadent chai (with a shot!)…running up and down the steps of the capitol or Lincoln Memorial a la Rocky…
I remember the time my bike pedal popped off around National Airport. I pushed that damn thing all the way home (Lincoln Park on the Hill). It was a gorgeous spring day, and I couldn’t resist riding to Old Town Alexandria. Then my bike broke. Then it started raining while I was pushing the damn thing home.
As I was feeling sorry for myself, the rain broke, and this incredible rainbow appeared over the Potomac as I was crossing the Memorial Bridge. I stopped feeling sorry for myself, started enjoying the journey, and began feeling grateful for being strong enough to make it home by the power of my own two feet.
Don’t forget that it takes a lot of chutzpah, brains, strength, and patience to do what you are doing. It’s damn impressive. It’s great to strive for that A, but remember at the same time to acknowledge everything you’re putting into it your efforts and the strength it takes to make that commitment. You deserve a big “way to go, woman!” for everything you’re already doing.
You can make it happen!

Thank you again. It’s hard sometimes to feel like I am doing something that takes guts when I am nervous but we all are amazing in that way.
For almost every career people have told me, “You really have to love it to do it.” Theatre. Politics. Music. Film making. Teaching. They all have crap you have to deal with that’s only bearable if you really want to do that and the same can be said of this. If there was something else I wanted to do, that’s what I would be doing but I just cannot not do this. I am working on how I will incorporate that into my ‘why I want to be a doctor’ answer and essay. Thomas Jefferson (I think) made a comment about the Revolution that “Times like these try men’s souls” and the same can be said of this process. My hat is off to all of you who have done and who are trying.
Under all my worry and fear and stress is the real belief that I can do this. That I can do anything I put my mind to and that it will work out. Sometimes I forget that when I am tired. And I cannot wait to get out and run again… soon!
Thank you again, Vera. The encouragement means so much!