Correspondence Courses

Looking to get people’s opines about taking Correspondence classes (Calculus and/or Stats).

The only reason I’m considering taking this route is

A: its about the same price as my local community college

B: it’s nine months and self-paced.

With math I need all the help I can get and this seems like a realistic option to really learn the material at my own pace, the courses are offered by a well respected public institution (Cal Berkley) and will be accepted by my CC and transfer university.

Is this a good idea or will med schools frown on this?

I cannot speak for med schools in general. I did several courses with variations on this and it went just fine. It is possible the schools I applied to simply did not look that closely. The conservative answer though would be to contact admissions departments ahead of time to see whet they expect.

I’ve been studying with University of Phoenix (Yes I am a Phoenix) and I am doing great. The only problem is that one of the Med Schools that I have been reasearching, UCD, will not accept this degree as an official degree. Nor will they accept passed CLEP tests. Which I had considered doing to help shorten the pre-med learning time.

In my experience, trying to take short cuts through the pre-req process often has unfortunate results. The more you stray from the accepted path, the narrower your selection of med schools that will be okay with your path.



I started the AA degree to finish what I started years ago and I’ve been doing so well that I now have a thurst to learn what really makes me happy. You are right though, after reading more on this site I have learned that I just have to keep at it no matter how long it takes.

I have a meeting latter next week at UCD to talk with their Med School advisors. I also have an opportunity to follow a couple of docs around to see if this is really what I want to get into.