Could you review my personal statement, please

Hello, dear OldPremeds!

I have finished my personal statement and I would like your feedback on the content and the flow of my essay.English is my second language(Russian being the first) so I will have an editor look at it after I finalize the content. The topic is “what is your motivation to seek career in medicine”. I would like to use this essay to apply to all Texas med schools. My main concern is : does it sound too sentimental or too dramatic? any cliches?

I don’t see how I can attach it to this post. I could email my document to anyone who is interested.

Thank you so much!


Priviet ! and welcome , English is my second language too and I had similar worries not too long ago. There are several books with essays from successful applicants - did You go over of some of them? it is good way to see how other people wrote theirs. I did read several of them and based on this , I knew somehow in which direction to follow with my writing.

Thank you for the suggestion. I looked through some essays that I had found online. It did seem to help. I tried to be less autobiographical in a chronological sense. When I stop by the book store, I will find some books with samples too.

Here is a link - OPM Personal Statement Help - to a recent forum that has a document I made to help OPMers with this lengthy and draining process.

PM me and I will be glad to do an initial reading and give you feedback, but please note that I’m no professional writer and strongly encourage you to seek an actual editor to help you review and cut as your PS changes.

Thank you!!! What a great link!