Counseling as Clinical Hours/Healthcare Experience?

I’m a professional counselor (think stereotypical depression, anxiety, and trauma counseling). Is this considered clinical hours and/or healthcare experience? We refer to ourselves as “healthcare” in our office, but will adcoms see it that way?

I don’t know if it matters, but I’m going the D.O. route.

Hey MikeLee-Son!

I’m in the same boat as you, coming from work as a counselor (Also have a specific interest in DO programs). From what I’ve been able to gather, counseling does count as clinical experience since we have direct encounters with clients/patients.

However, every source I’ve looked at has also recommended acquiring some additional experience in a more traditional setting to demonstrate that we enjoying working with patients via those types of interactions In other words, the interactions a doctor has with patients is obviously different than those a counselor has, and it’s useful to demonstrate that we understand this difference.

Hope this helps! Best wishes!

I am also health care expert doing this job more than a decade. I love this job and providing proper solution to the people in a right way. I learn lots of new things and facing some serious situation during my work time. But it will not stop my passion and dedication in my job.