Course Final leads to Poor Grades for all Students - Letter of recommendation

Hi all,
I just wanted to pass this on to the group and get feedback.
I have a low undergrad GPA from an undergrad many years ago and I’ve met with various medical admissions committees and I have to get all A’s (at least an A- average) in my Masters program and my PostBacc.

I have all A’s in my PostBac but there is one course -
My professor in this one is my favorite and is writing my letter of recommendation for my Masters programs fRiday, however she is new to teaching the course. I had an A all year. Our section was put into a morning final exam (needed to be at the exam at 6:30a for parking, we meet at 3:00pm. The other section with the teacher who wrote the final starts at 9am) The final exam grade was a C and it brought my A down to a B+, howevever, most of the class based on the average received an F.
The average grades for all exams was below a C - and I had one of the highest scores in the class. (Front row, dead center, met with professor after each exam, we are close friends)

For the test, we were notified we’d have two hours total but weren’t aware of where the clock was and were told we’d be reminded how much time was left at 30 minutes, we weren’t, and were notified instead at 20 minutes. I ended up miscalculating my time and didn’t finish over 1/5th of the exam and had to bubble in guessed answers (Which accumulate to the C grade and dropped me from the A)

I presented the case of a curve based on the final being an F but my professor does not want to make any concessions.
She has 2 other courses and was busy/stressed, and just posted the final exam results a few hours before the grades were due online
The next morning I Was at the office when it opened in a suit prepared to make my case that the final and the average, along with timing and protocals should be considered. My professosr wasn’t there so I met with the department chair. He was very friendly and nice.

From my professors perspective, she was just a new lecturer for the total class - it was the other lecturer that actually made the tests and made the final himself. She is not responsible for any components other than the lecture.

My take on the issue is the final grade for the exam should be curved based on the F average and the lack of notice of timing should be considered. I have to have all A’s.

PS - In business, there are 3 components, technical, social and political. From a social and political perspective I went around my professor to the chair which is always negative, however, I was there to meet with my professor or both the next morning after the final was posted the night before. My professor has her hands tied with how much she can control since the class average was so low. I also emailed right after I took the final to let my professor know I Wanted to see what I missed so I could master the material more but she doesn’t typically respond.

What do you think I Should do?

Again, I have to have all A’s - it went to a B+ - and the average for the course was awful.
I love my professor but I don’t think that’s right, and my entire being is devoted to getting A’s since this is something I will and must do.

What do you think?

Only other option is the dean and escalating it further. I’m certain more than half the class has the same issue as me, but my professor doesn’t want to admit to forgetting to remind us of the exam time and that the class average was so low. I will persist but want to do what’s right - again she is my letter writer. I may have to find another 1-2 since this would put that recommendation in question - I still don’t feel the grade and curve were right.

Hi everyone -

Just a quick update.

I’ve reached out to the Dean and he’s requested I work through the department chair. The department chair has reviewed the grades and points but is not willing to curve the 52% final. I am reviewing the grade distribution from past year’s to see if these grades are in line with normal courses.

I just want to do the right thing - my grade dropped 3/4 a letter due to the final and the way it was handled. The average drop for each student was 1.2 grades. The chair did state that ‘I should be proud of my grade’, but I let him know it wasn’t just my own grade but the entire classes’ that was impacted. I suggested I would reach out to my classmates to show it was not just me and my access to the class roster was barred.

I have reached out to student advocacy and student affairs to review that type of behavior and response. I hope to do always what is right and pray for discernment. My professor did apologize to everyone for the performance for the class, but the timing of the grade releasing has impacted our ability to respond dramatically.

I will review the grade distribution and then get back with the Dean.