Course load

What is the expected course load as an undergraduate at a typical state university? I will be transferring to a 4-yr state university from a CC soon and trying to come up with a schedule.

I’ve already taken Biology 1/2, Chemistry 1/2 and Physics 1. So I am planning to take:


Physics 2 + Lab

Organic 1 + Lab

Cell Bio + Lab

= 12 Hrs


Organic 2 + Lab

Genetics + Lab

Ecology + Lab

= 12 Hrs

I will be working part-time, probably around 20hrs/week.

Is 12 hrs + part-time job reasonable? I’ve heard med schools want to see that the candidates can handle heavy academic load.

I was thinking of throwing in a history or philosophy class per semester. I’m from computer science/math background so they may help with MCAT or at least with my reading speed

I understood 12 credits to be a full load. I haven’t read anything on my local med schools site saying heavy course loads is what they are looking for in a candidate. I have read about high GPA and high MCAT, well-rounded student and excellent science skills. Overwhelming yourself might not make it where you are being able to succeed at the level you want to and need to. Especially with you working part time. It’s just not something you can fix (low GPA) if you overload yourself. That’s my thoughts. See if it fits. If not, throw this advice on out.