Course of Study for Pre-med

Here’s the jist to my question. Basically, I’m under the assumption that there is a pretty solid list of classes that pre-med students should complete. Of course, I’ll keep in mind scenarios such as “we at this med-school” require applicants to have two psychology course, or Bio Chem, or etc etc. Does anyone have a good website or document that illustrates a solid pre-med curriculum…something current? I want to benchmark that information to the document that my university’s science advisement office gave me, showing me courses that are mandatory/highly-recommen ded/recommended. And, should pre-meds take as many Physiology classes as possible? Seems reasonable, but just wondering if med-schools see that as ubiquitously favorable. I’m already with degree, so it’s just pre-med for me…assuming I ‘take the plunge’ and go back to school. Thanks for your input. -Chris

-A four year professional program (bachelor degree)

1 year general chemistry with labs

1 year organic chemistry with labs

1 year introductory biology with labs

1 year general physics with labs

Schools are wanting a well-rounded student. They think it’s a bonus to have a History Major who also completed the above.

Seriously, that’ the required list that may or may not be part of your degree. As you noted above, each school may vary in their requirements. Knowing what your SOM wants is key. pre…


I think pre-reqs can vary from school to school. The general reqs are listed by Kimberly above. They seem to be the same at nearly every school.

Some of the schools that I am considering recommend certain classes as well Biochemistry, Genetics to name a few. Some require Calculus, and some just require one year of college math.

I would suggest making a list of the schools that you are possibly considering in the future and then evaluate their specific recommendations. This will allow you to cover all your bases ahead of time. Better to be safe then sorry right!

If you are considering allopathic schools, The MSAR gives you an idea of school specific info. r.htm

I would imagine that there is a similar listing for DO schools as well. I am just not sure what it is. I normally find the info I need on the school websites.



  • chrisweston11 Said:
...Does anyone have a good website or document that illustrates a solid pre-med curriculum....something current? ...

I don't know if any document lists courses that'll satisfy requirements at X-percent of all the medschools out there etc. The base requirements as we all know are 1 year each of physics, chem, bio, and org with lab. Anyway, the link to the MSAR provided by GinaMarie has the info you need, but costs money. An equivalent Osteopathic document is the Osteopathic Medical College Information Book, available as a free download here: ib.aspx

I had the same question as you and had started compiling a very simple spreadsheet of pre-reqs by institution (visiting one med school website at a time) before I purchased the MSAR. Since I'm not doing anything this Thxgiving, perhaps I'll condense this info from the MSAR into a spreadsheet for everyone's use. No promises, but if I do, I'll post it on this thread.

Some schools also require a year of English on your college transcript.



Thanks everybody, you rock.