course snag--can this be?

I was reading my pre-requisites online tonight for my Biomedical Science undergrad major and it said that Human Anatomy & Physiology I & II is an acceptable substitution for Physics I & II. Has anyone ever heard of any school doing this? I’m already registered for Physics this term, but if this is true, I’m dropping it and registering for bio. (to be able to take A&P I next term)

Can this be? No physics?

I could see where A&P could be considered as a substitution for biology, but not for physics. It may be that it is an acceptable substitution for your MAJOR, but I doubt that any medical schools would accept that substitution for pre-requisites. AMCAS classifies A&P as biology.

Short answer - take physics. Although I loathed and despised physics at the time, a lot of the principles are truly invaluable when it comes to understanding the physics of the human body. Physics has been far more useful to me in my first two years of medical school than gen chem and organic and even most of general bio (with the exception of the cell biology part of gen bio).

Yup, physics is required. One year. With lab.



Forgot to mention that physics is one of the subjects tested on the MCAT as well.

That might be true if the major is for nursing or PA not med school.

I’m still holding out hope for the rumor Judy started that physics MIGHT be dropped as a prereq…