Cover Letter for AAMC - Accommodations

I’ve written mine. It’s part of the AAMC requirements for requesting accommodations.

As there are no samples online, nor guidelines that I could find… wondering if anyone on here has any ideas?

Describe the affect the disability has had on your academic, career, etc etc etc … okay, I can do that but I’m 50 which means for 45 years it has affected me.

I succinctly summarized grade school and high school and college but it’s still 2 pages…

Not sure where to look for guidance.

I’ve had to get both my boys tested in order for our school district to provide accommodations. It is not a difficult process however it does take some time. I ended up going through a university campus that offers specialized testing. I am in the Dallas area and used SMU. However Scottish Rite Hospital also provides testing for accommodations and it was free! However, the wait was something else. As far as your cover letter I would review it with the doc or psychologist who will be doing your testing as they are keenly aware of what they are looking for as far as backup for the accommodations you are requesting. I hope that helps.

Hi Maui,

Thank you for your insight and response. As part of my premed coursework, I was thoroughly tested for ADHD in 2012 and it was well documented. I was able to attach that document to the submission for AAMC.

Through the process, I had to write a cover letter. Given there is NOT ONE other CL out there that I could find, mine is below:


RE: Accommodations

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am formally requesting accommodations for the MCAT test slated for June 20, 2015 due to diagnosed and treated ADHD as well as extreme test anxiety.

As early as elementary school in 1971, my parents were frequently told that I was disruptive, could not sit still, and would not wait to answer questions. In 1973, as a 4th grade student, I was given to a teacher that specialized in “bad” students; those students who would now be diagnosed with dyslexia, ADHD, autism and many often coming from homes of systemic abuse. At the first parent/teacher conference, he told my parents I was not a bad student, but bored and gifted. By the end of the term in December, I had finished all my work for 4th grade.

But back in a “normal” classroom in 5th grade, 1975, my behavior was back to poor despite my grades being very good. A psychologist was called in to the school to work with me. After a few meetings, he suggested to my parents that I be put on Ritalin but my parents balked and I went untreated. By 1982, frequently still in trouble for not sitting still, being distracted, and acting up, I graduated.

My grades from college are atrocious. Not only did I show up late, or leave during the middle of classes, I sometimes failed to attend classes. I did not know how to study, could not sit still long enough to study, and during class my mind wandered. Somehow, however, I did graduate.

In 2008, I was told by a physician that I had ADHD and needed to be on Concerta He also said that given my past, ADHD was most likely the #1 factor in my abysmal grades, behavior issues, and lack of study habits.

During my first exam back at the Big Land Granting University to start my pre-requisites for medical school, I passed out during the exam. Sent to Student Counseling I was subsequently referred to Disability Services and the student health center. At that time I was given extra time for all exams, in a private room and allowed a soda/water in the exam room with me. I was also allowed to take Propranolol as needed during exams which reduced my blood pressure so I did not pass out. My grades for pre-requisites clearly indicate the differences accommodations have made in my academic career.

In addition, on the advice from a licensed psychologist who completed ADHD testing, I started taking Concerta for work and asking for quiet work spaces. Accommodations at work have also made a substantial difference in my career.

Accommodations requested:

  1. Listed

    Thank you for your consideration of my MCAT accommodations request.


    My accommodations were NOT denied but further requirements were listed by AAMC. The original evaluation completed in 2012 was 1 month too old to be used by AAMC so I am now searching for a psychiatrist/psychologist who can do an updated evaluation. (Do not even ask me about the jerk who charged me $300 to tell me he could not do the evaluation… not sure what I paid for there … oh well, maybe I paid for his advice that I am too old and should be thinking of another career path as I will not get accepted anywhere … :roll: )