COVID, clinical experience, am I ready?

I’ve done my best trying to understand clinical experience during the pandemic but I’m still unsure as to my specific situation. I’m a science major with a cGPA, sGPA of 3.88 and MCAT of 516. I believe to have a decently balanced application having worked in 3 research labs, captained a top ranked intercollegiate frisbee team, and obtained 100+ hours shadowing among other activities. The only problem (which I know is a major one) is that I haven’t yet had any clinical experience. I was scheduled for a clinical/research internship at Brighams and Women’s hospital last summer that was canceled due to COVID. this summer I am moving forward with it but only doing the research part remotely. I was also accepted into a Gap year programming that involves working full-time getting clinical experience. The issue is that I don’t start until the beginning of June and I would like to apply this cycle. My question is if that is feasible? am I ready?

I’ve felt like I could obtain some leniency due to COVID and that I could address this in my application and secondaries. Knowing that I will be getting this experience I was planning on updating schools in this arena in July or August.