CPA wants to be a doctor

Hi everyone,

I’m a 30 years old foreign US CPA, working in a bank in Europe, and earning about 160k USD per year.

Although I’ve been successful in my career, and I still have potential in my current field, I feel I’ve always wanted to be a doctor, and for some reason I never took that path. In addition, my dream would be to relocate to the United States, as I feel very close to the country’s ideals and principles.

I felt a bit miserable as I thought I would never achieve any of these dreams (I thought it was too late for me to start medical school, and getting a work permit in the US is very difficult).

I came across this website and I started wondering…what if? I think I could start over from scratch, study medicine in the US, and fulfill both objectives…after all, I only have one life!

Unfortunately I’m quite new to this - I don’t know what I should do or what the requirements are to get into a medical school…well, I don’t even know if I’m eligible, as I’m not even an American citizen!

I’d really appreciate any help with this…I’m a bit lost here!

Thanks and regards,

I noticed your question has nearly 100 reads, so I just wanted to make an acknowledgement.

Hopefully someone in the OPM group has had an experience (positive or otherwise) to share with you about transitioning to the US for medical school…

You might want to share a few details, such as your nationality and if you have looked into med schools in Europe.

Good luck…


I am looking into different options myself. have you looked into studying in Europe? Thanks to EU you can choose quite freely (check with the specific country where you wish to practice once done with your school). Most of the highly regarded schools in Europe are very inexpensive, or free, and a degree from EU does not prevent you to apply to work in US later (with specific transfer requirements).

You have to be a US citizen or resident to be admitted to US med schools from what I can tell.

Try AAMC Website

It has a listing of all US accredited med schools which will also give you specific citizen/resident requirements.

Last, my suggestion for you (I was a partner candidate at Big 4), is to get your firm to move you here, apply for residency status, and start working on pre-reqs then. Also, if your firm contains a healthcare consulting or audit arm, try getting moved into that arm as part of your annual goal submission. It can’t hurt to start migrating your path while getting paid.

A couple of forum topics you may find useful. Good luck.……