Cram Schedule or Post-Bacc

I’m a fourth year financial math and stats major who is looking to apply to med school. I was on the finance track but my previous experiences made me change my mind. Since then, I’ve been shadowing and helping with medical research over the past few months which has added to my confidence about this career change.

I only have a few classes left to finish my degree, and I need some advice on how I should proceed to put myself in the best position for applying to med school. I’ve taken gen chem and physics where the grades I’ve received range from an A to B+. I’ve also received A’s in calc, but my issue is that I’ve received 3 C’s in my upper div math classes, and also received an F in another math class, which I retook and got a B+. I have space in my schedule from now into the summer to complete prereqs for med school, but my course load will definitely be heavy.

With this course load, my sGPA by the time I graduate is expected to be around a 3.47. I have a lot of units in the BCPM category from all my math and stats courses, so my grade will most likely not change much. Should I finish med prereqs this year in undergrad or apply for post-bacc? Both routes will require me to apply to med school in 2022 at the earliest, before of which I will be taking the MCAT as well as doing shadowing/research/gaining clinical experience. I’m leaning towards just finishing prereqs and was wondering if this is the best course to take since post-baccs don’t seem to be worth it in my case. It’s a lot of money and it seems like my GPA won’t change much. In addition, to my understanding my undergrad BCPM doesn’t fulfill my eligibility for most linkage programs.

What are the thoughts on this? This was a long post so thanks for taking the time to read and helping me out!

DO schools tend to have lower stats than MD schools. Might be worth applying to those either alone or in conjunction with MD schools.