CUNY No, Buffalo Yes

Hi guys,

Quick word out to the community: I’ve been getting a lot of email inquiries about postbacc at CUNY-City College and CUNY-Hunter. The truth is, I left CUNY for Brazil in May 2006, and my information about their program is woefully dated. There are likely others on the listserv who can give you the current state of affairs at CUNY.

If you want to know about med school at the Univ. at Buffalo, however, I have very current and positive information, and you should feel free to write me. Especially in the next six months, before residency starts (hint hint).

Yours truly,


I am very knowledgeable regarding the Hunter post-bacc program including some of the most recent changes (personnel, application). If people have questions, feel free to contact me.

Happy to do the same for City College until school starts on the 28th of this month. PM me and then we’ll email.