Current Nursing Student

      Hello all fellow premeds. I am currently in a tight pickle right now with deciding if I should study for the MCAT and apply to medical schools that do not require "*pre-med pre-reqs*" or go to get a post-bac for the required classes. I am currently in my 2nd to last semester from graduating with my BSN. 
      My is GPA currently is **3.74** cumulative.

If you have not taken the prerequisite science courses (GBIO/GCHEM/ORGO/BIOCHEM/PHYS) it’s probably not a good idea to jump straight to MCAT study. It all depends on what you’ve taken. It’ll be a lot harder to get a good MCAT score without having the exposure to MCAT topics. Relearning is easier than initially learning.

How many schools are allowing applicants without those prerequisites? There can’t be that many. You’re really limiting your chances at getting an acceptance by only applying to those schools once the time comes, and if your MCAT score is subpar you’ll be really hurting to even secure an interview (which will push your timeline back even further).

Don’t rush your shot at medical school. Make your first shot count. Without knowing any of your particular situation yet, my recommendation would be to finish your BSN, get a job and accrue clinical experience while doing the science courses as a DIY post bacc.

For reference, I have been an RN for 6 years that is doing a DIY post bacc, currently finishing orgo 2 and physics with a plan to take the MCAT next January.

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