Current RN- but medical school is my goal

Hi I graduated nursing school July 2019. Working as a nurse now. And I know I want to become a doctor and medical school is my goal. I am currently getting my bachelors of science in nursing. Will be done with my BSN July 2021. I always knew I will be in medical field. After becoming a nurse and looking into MD vs RN roles and I know that I really want to be a doctor and I am ready to take the long path. Is it okay for me to finish my BSN and the work on my Prerequisites for medical school? I am ready to leave my nursing job and start studying for medical school. I heard having a bachelors degree is ideal. So I am finishing my bachelors and then want to get into medical school.
Please help me guide what I really should do at this time? Continue my BSN? or not waste time and start pre med classes?

I am also an RN going back to medical school. I had my BSN initially, however. Honestly if you’re so close to being done with your BSN you might as well just finish it as I think it shows excellence within nursing and it is required you have a bachelors degree to apply to most medical schools. That being said I would research and figure out how many science pre reqs you need to apply to medical school. If it is a significant amount see how long it would take you to obtain a bachelors in bio/chemistry or whatever and make the decision based on that. It really depends on how many pre requisites you have left!

@harveysa thank you so much. I am in my first semester of BSN program. My goal is to complete it in 9 months. I believe I will have to take a lot of pre requisites (most of them). What were step you took after having a BSN and taking pre med courses?
So I would take all pre med courses “required ones” then after completing take MCAT? And apply for medical school? Is that what I’d do?
I appreciate your response.

I needed 10 classes that my nursing curriculum didn’t give me. I am in my final semester of pre reqs right now, I plan to dedicate the Spring to the MCAT and apply in the 2021 cycle. I would recommend doing research on what classes you need and take recommended ones as well. For example, biochemistry, cell biology, and genetics are common recommended but not required courses and I opted to take all of them. I think it shows commitment to going back to school and wanting to do more than just the minimum. The more classes you can handle with solid grades the higher your postbacc GPA! Honestly with the wide array of pre req subjects getting a bachelors in one of them would probably be more than just 10 classes, so your best bet is to get your BSN and then DIY science pre reqs. Focus on solid grades in BSN now and then sit down woth an advisor to approach pre reqs!