CV? Resume? What in the world????

Ok, so I’m finally starting to fill out these secondaries… (yeah, I know… but I’m still getting them in and it’s only been about 10 days or so)… and many of them are asking me to attach a current resume or CV… ok, I know what both of these are, obviously… but what type of form do I put this in? And, what all do I include on it? My work resume is 2 pages long (condensed) and my transcripts, of course, are at least that long, if not longer. I’ve never made a CV, but it’s my understanding that you include both studies and work experience on it…
I’m just wondering what types of information (and how much) to include in this document.

To give you my experience: I completed my first professional Curriculum Vitae in 1996 and have updated it as needed. My CV includes my publications, abstracts and presentations. It also includes my professional memberships, conferences and meetings I have attended, and professional training that is not academic. I have listed the grants I have been awarded, honors, and my areas of expertise. While I was not able to fill on all these areas when I started keeping a CV, I could fill in areas of expertise, publications, presentations and grants awarded.
It is my opinion, if you do not have a current CV, do not do one for your secondaries. However, if you want to try a CV, there are websites that give instructions on how to do a proper Curriculum Vitae.
– Rachel

Hey Rachel!
Where ya been girl?!
No, I don’t have a CV as of yet… nor do I have any publications etc…
I guess I’m just concerned by sending a resume in they’ll only get a picture of that part of my experience… I would think that they’d want something that included everything… I guess it’s just more explanation of my work experience though… who knows…
I have to admit… some aspects of this have been really straight forward… and some have definitely NOT been straight forward… here’s one for confusion.

What’s going on with you? Where have you been?
Andrea, I have never done a CV, but I wanted to say hi to Rachel!

Fine Danielle, just blow me off… LOL J/K
I think I’m going to go with my resume close to how it stands right now… I’m going to reformat it though to add my volunteering experiences and they want outside interests/hobbies (ee gads!) so I’ll add those as well…
if this seems like a really bad idea, somebody holler at me, will ya?!
in addition to that I have to write a multitude of essays for different schools! this is harder than submitting the first app… and you have less time to do it in… I guess that’s part of the deterrant eh?
Thanks all!