D.O. Residencies

I’m just looking at the various avenues that I can take to become a physician. Out here (NV) there are two programs, an MD school in Reno (UNSOM) and a DO school in Henderson (Touro).

I want to know how was DO Anesthesia residency. There are two that I looked at in further detail. The ones in Moreno Valley, CA and Columbus, OH seem very good but as a pre-med I am only looking into them, this is mere fascination (well mostly). In reality I am most likely going to be at one of the two aforementioned schools and as it stands right now it may be Touro.

Consequently I am looking into future options aside from IM or FP.

As a DO you can do residency in all (or nearly all) specialties. As a DO you have the added opportunity to interview in both DO and MD residencies so your options are wider than those of us with MD’s.