Dartmouth Residency Programs

As everyone knows, I amhere at Dartmouth doing my anesthesiology & will be doing a fellowship in critical care here as well. So, if anyone has questions about a Dartmouth program, contact me through this thread & I will try to either answer your questions or put you into contact with a resident(s) in that program.
Also, for those of you coming up here to interview, if you can give me some warning, I will try to meet up with you for a burger & a beer or something…

Thanks, Dave!
I’ll be interviewing there in Internal Med on Jan 11th, and would love to have the chance to meet. I’m also interested in Pulm/Critical Care and would love to hear more about the fellowship. Any thoughts you have on the IM residency are much appreciated-- I have found the best insights on a residency program come from residents in other programs at the institution, who tend to have more objective observations.
Thanks again for the offer to help with questions.

sorry for the long delay in replying…
I can put you in touch w/ a couple of IM residents: 1 - a current R-3 & the other jumped ship & is now an anesth resident. B/t the 2 of them & your visit/interview, you can get a balanced picture. The current PD - Harley [can’t think of his name] - is working very hard to restore the luster of this program…once considered one of the elite IM programs.
Drop me an e-mail to let me know what your travel plans are so we can meet for a coffee or something.

Just thought I’d say that I greatly enjoyed my visit to Dartmouth. Beautiful place to live (and I was lucky to have some unseasonably warm weather during my visit). The hospital facilities are beautiful. I was interviewing in IM, and was quite impressed with the program. If anyone is planning to interview next year, try to schedule your interview on a day when M & M is held. We were told it would be a great conference, and it really was.
Wasn’t able to meet up with Old Man Dave, since by the time I got in and settled in the lovely old Hanover Inn (and had a desperately needed nap) it was time to go for dinner. We had no spare time the next day before I had to leave due to my tight schedule. That was too bad
I really liked what I saw of the IM program. I was able to talk to a recent grad from my school who is there, and he was very happy there, validating my perceptions.