"Dave" no more

Alas, the opportunity for people to call me Dave is gone! I have changed my username from “2ndave” in honor of the best address I ever possessed, to “pushkin,” after a cat I used to have.

LOL andrea, I don’t know if I ever called you Dave but I know I thought it when looking at your username sometimes, even after I KNEW it meant 2nd ave. I guess some things just don’t scan across our eyeballs the same way. Welcome to pushkin!

Hehehe. Oh Andrea, I know I’ve called you Dave for than once and pointed out my confusion. But I certainly didn’t mean to cause a rift between you and your favorite address…I hope your beloved cat is also a favorite.

My user name is also in honor of our favorite mischievous cats, Lara and Misa.

Yep–I wanted to clarify the source of my latest name so that no one would get confused and think I was a famous russian poet of the past. Over on SDN though, where I also changed my name, I am now getting called “him” and that “guy.” Oh well, what can I do? If it gets bad enough and I can no longer take it, I will just have to change it to Anna Karenina–we know what happened to her.
Thanks for the “welcomes”!

If I used my cats names as a user name, I’d be Clintmeistersnack (for Clintmeister and Snack)

since my two kids named my current felines, i think i would feel quite silly as fatboytincan.