DC Area Meet n' Greet

Hey – I know there are some of us in the DC area and I was wondering if any of you might have time for a get together.
I was thinking I could get some of the post baccs from GU to come and then maybe it would be a way to a, have some fun and b, get some more people to the site. I know they'd get a lot out of this place (as I have).
Kind of a DC chapter of OPM kind of thing.
Any thoughts?

Even though I’m up in Baltimore, I’ll be there as long as it fits in my schedule. Just let me know when and where. I’ll enjoy a break from the books biggrin.gif

I'm in the DC area too and I'd love to meet any day but Wednesday when I have to be in B'More for class!

I just finished my AI (acting internship) so now go to a much more civilized monday-friday 8-5 sort of schedule… (no more call for several months! yippeeeee!) Weekdays would still be tough but weekends very do-able. I would definitely like to be included if possible!

Of course! I will put something together after my orgo text tomorrow. Will post something then or early Tuesday.

Count me in too! Weds. and Thurs. nights are bad for me but all the other nights are o.k.

Hey Alyson,
Don’t forget me down here in Charlottesville. I could use some serious “civilization” now.
Natalie rolleyes.gif

Natalie, forget you? Never!
When do you think you might be up in these parts?