Decent Undergrad GPA, 4-5 gap years. Is a post-bacc necessary?

I completed a biology BS degree 5 years ago, along with all my premed prereqs with a 3.69 cum GPA, as well as research, scribing, and other premed extracurriculars. I spent the past 5 years working in healthcare, doing AmeriCorps, and then working 2 more years at a software company. I’m thinking about going back and doing a DIY post-bacc (upper level bio courses) in order to show med school committees that I can still handle med school course work.

The only tricky thing is doing a non-degree at a 4 year college is financially challenging for me, and some of the courses may not be available as I’ve learned that non-degree seekers are not given priority for some courses. I’m thinking of declaring that I am seeking a second bachelor at the 4 year college to overcome this hurdle, but since I am applying this cycle I’m conflicted on how to enter this information on the Planned coursework section of the applications.

Is it acceptable to med schools to say that I am a non-degree seeker on the med school application and still pursue a second bachelors but drop out after 2 semesters? Won’t med schools require me to finish the second bachelor’s once they get my new transcript?

Would it be better if I did not put that I am doing a post-bacc on my application?