Deciding to do post-bac program

So I have decided to go ahead and apply to post bac programs for this January. I am just looking for other people who have up and quit their current jobs, and lives, to do the same.

I am currently working as a mental health therapist and do love my job, but feel that I NEED to go to medical school to truly be fulfilled in my life.

I am currently divorced, and have no ties to where I am and feel like the world is my oyster. I do have a boyfriend however, who, I should say is a bit less than supportive. Have any of you had similar experiences? What can you give me for advice on this whole life change? I feel very nervous and excited, and want to take it on with enthusiasm.

Hi Kate,

I kind of did the same thing you are doing except I didn’t like my job. Coming back to school has been tough in many ways, mostly financial, but at the same time its been totally worth it.

Why do you feel you NEED to go to medical school?


I feel I NEED to do this because I just have that feeling inside me that I will not be fulfilled. There is something there, that makes me want to be able to do whatever I want to in my life…I want to practice medicine in impoverished areas and truly help people in need!